Application Development and Integration

Get quick solutions to business problems with our application development services, while moving from legacy to cutting edge technologies.

Application Development and Integration

Today’s organizations need efficient, integrated, and modernized business applications more than ever.

Get quick solutions to business problems with our application development services, while moving from legacy to cutting edge technologies.

Team of experts provide the technical resources and experience required to develop applications that align with your business objectives while integrating with your current legacy offerings. The demands and speed of modern business are proving to many companies that they cannot neglect application modernization or the importance of cloud adoption and integration.

Development and Integration Services

Supported by a team of Microsoft application experts, Team offers complete end-to-end, iterative development services and agile application management.

Whether building onto an existing application or developing a custom one to suit the unique needs of your business, our application development team will work with what you have today to help shape where you’ll be tomorrow.

Application Development Services

24×7 Support
Applications, Data, Infrastructure Systems: Enable your staff to focus on high-value work while we keep things running and tuned.

Quality Assurance

Execute quality audits, improve code quality and implement quality programs.


Deliver sustainable innovation, development, deployment automation and operation.

Digital Transformation Services

Application modernization, business process and forms automation and digitization.

Cognitive Technologies & Support

Improve revenue acceleration, customer satisfaction, transparency and organization efficiency.

Enterprise Application Intelligence & Management

Activate your data to make insight-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Customer Engagement

Drive a better customer experience through self-service: utilities, regulators, telecom, and government.

Functional Knowledge & Technical Expertise

Our Oracle Application Services provide a comprehensive array of application strategy, business process transformation, implementation, development, integration, and managed services across Oracle applications.

Our proven methodology, services, and quality products help clients to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and realize a high return on their ERP investments.

The Team consists of the industry’s most experienced consultants. Our team members have an average of 12+ years’ experience in leading successful ERP (D2K, E-Business 11i/R1) initiatives; while holding many Oracle and industry certifications in areas such as Project Management, Strategic Assessments, Organization Change Management (OCM) and Education and Knowledge Management.

Our Oracle Development Capabilities

Full Lifecycle Implementation

We provide full lifecycle services right from requirements gathering to functional and technical design through development and testing to deployment and on-going production support

Rapid Development

We offer rapid development to increase value for which customers are ready to pay. We perform Rapid development without compromising on quality.

Reduce IT Costs

With the help of effective planning, which is based on customer requirements, we help decrease the costs of trial-and-error methods. We focus on quality right from the beginning of the planning stage, to prevent later losses.

Transform User Experience

We transform user experience by providing Instant access to new capabilities which are better than the existing ones and that exceed their expectations. Team has the capability and provides an all-inclusive suite of services to incorporate new adaptive features quickly and seamlessly.

Database Administration and Support Service

24/7 Database Administration and support services from Mightyinfotech

Database Administration and Support Service from Mightyinfotech

Economic volatility is driving a greater number of organisations to consider cost cutting measures and to implement consolidation procedures. This situation is further compounded by the growing skills shortage that makes it more difficult for businesses to acquire and retain people with the right levels of skills and experience. One way of mitigating these business challenges is for organisations to consider and adopt a Co/Outsourcing strategy.

Database Administration and Support Service

DBA Technology’s proven database services model enables organisations to Co/Outsource the daily management, maintenance and support of their database environments on a 24/7 basis.

The active management and preventative maintenance ensures optimal performance, and can include application specific tasks and/or database batch jobs.

Proposed on a fixed monthly cost, this service is implemented on a remote and on-site basis to ensure a reliable, robust and optimally performing database environment.

Ascent Technology fosters a heterogeneous database technology strategy. Our specialised database skills enable us to service and support complex mixed technology environments – including Microsoft Azure SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, Maria DB, Mongo DB, Azure Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL DB, Enterprise DB and Amazon RDS.

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We encourage you to contact us, and we will assist you on your journey to permanently remove your Database Management, Maintenance and Support challenges.

Database Administration Services

Unleash your Organization’s True Potential with us. We keep your Database Environment Stable through prompt Administration

Database Replication

We frequently replicate your data in another site so that so that others can also access the same information. Due to distributed database copies, the availability of data is great because it is consistently being updated and stays synchronized with the source

Database Maintenance

Ensuring efficiency and functionality of your database through timely maintenance. We keep your database clean so that you don’t find it hard to access your data when you need it the most.

Database Performance Tuning

Tuning a database is an essential practice, and it’s fair to say that performance tuning of a database is extremely complex and is influenced by many variables. Get true diagnosis and historical evaluation and analyse the vital signs in your database

  • Database advisors that proactively optimize database instances.
  • Appropriate tools based on the automatic workload repository to tune the database
  • Diagnose common problems and optimize performance-related to SQL
  • Diagnose and optimize common performance issues.

Database Upgrades

Get the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments using various methods, testing, configuration and contingency routines. Upgrade to any relevant version, any operating system and get support to resolve complex issues while upgrading databases.

Database Optimization

We use clear metrics that shows where optimization in your database is needed and where it will have the greatest impact and how database functionality can be improved.

Database Patch Management

Experience Exuberant Support and expertise to manage patches when they rollout to ensure that end-users benefit from best of features at all times

  • Ascertaining vulnerabilities and integrating patches to resolving them.
  • Investigate the impact and prioritize.
  • Patch testing across test environments.
  • Patch rollout scheduling.
  • Verification of patches for successful application.

Database Migration

When you need to migrate a database this is the service that is right for you, which is able to align data with a primary database in the Cloud / Dedicated Server / VPS, etc. The process is simple and fast and the downtime could be minimal during migration. Database migrations with Teams are not only economical but also competitive.

  • Verification of error log files.
  • Data backup auditing.
  • Verification of availability of databases
  • Control of the level of archive logs file system.
  • Control of the level of data directories
  • Control of the level of the table-spaces in the databases
  • Analysis of the error message in the alert log of databases

Database Auditing

We perform the following audit checks:

  • Verification of error log files
  • Data backup auditing
  • Verification of availability of databases.
  • Control of the level of archive logs file system.
  • Control of the level of data directories.
  • Control of the level of the table-spaces in the databases.
  • Analysis of the error message in the alert log of databases.

Get DBA on Demand

Get end-to-end support for any database project, no matter how complex it is

  • Database Stabilization.
  • Database Performance Tuning.
  • Application Performance Tuning.
  • Major Database Upgrades
  • Implementing High Availability or Disaster recovery solutions
  • Database Migrations.

Database System Health Check Service

A Database System Health Check assesses if your Database is running optimally, and can help diagnose challenges before performance issues, and/or down time affect your users.

That’s where Database Health Check Service comes in. Our Database Health Check Service is a structured consulting engagement that provides suggestions for best practices regarding maintenance, and offers recommendations for architecture and performance tuning.

Database System Review

The road to optimum performance begins with an inventory of your Database System. We’ll check all the KPIs that can affect Database Performance and Stability, including memory, I/O, disk speed, logs, backups, start-up parameters and disk and memory allocation.

Comprehensive Health Report

Once the system inventory is complete, you will receive a comprehensive health report with best practices suggestions for maintenance and architecture, including a list of high-impact recommendations regarding architecture and performance tuning.

Measurable Results

From the health report, you will have a clear insight into how your Database System is running today and have the information needed to help prevent challenges tomorrow.

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We encourage you to contact us, and we will assist you on your journey to permanently remove your Database Management, Maintenance and Support challenges.


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